Ways to Win!

NYC Exhibition presents Brooklyn - New York 2018 Photo Contest
Having a budget for prize money really helps create a professional and fun photo contest! This year, our top cash prize is $1500!   Our second place prize is $500 and third prize is $100.  Our sponsor,  NY1 Minute  provides the prize money, making it one of the most enticing contests organized with PSA and FIAP support.
To answer your questions about the judging and prizes:
How are the photos judged?  
The photos are judged and voted on by all 12 jury members on November 7th in our SoHo office.  They will base their decisions and examine every photo, following the guidelines created for photo contests by PSA and FIAP.
We have 24 gold medals, 18 silver, and 18 bronze medals plus 174 Ribbons and the FIAP blue Badge and MOL badge.
How are the cash prizes awarded?
The gold medal or badge winners will go on to a final round to compete for a cash prize of $1500 (awarded to one person). The gold, silver, and bronze medal winners will advance to a final round to win $500 (awarded to two people) , and anyone who was awarded a medal will move to the final round to win $100 (awarded to 15 people).  To win a cash award, you must win a medal or ribbon in the first round.
There are only 7 days until the closing date.  Don’t miss your chance!
Submit your photos and become a part of an amazing group of people from around the world.  There are way to get involved with NYC Exhibition!  Sponsor a show in your own home town.  Visit us in NYC!  We have a lot of opportunities for international networking and friendship.
Way to win