Meet Yousuf Tushar, Winner of the Photography Contest New York – Manhattan 2018

The Award that Comes with Air Ticket and Makes Dreams Come True

It is my great honor to be invited to New York City to accept a Special Award, and even to get a complimentary flight ticket to be able to join the exhibition ceremony, said  a winner of Photography Contest New York – Manhattan 2018.  This is his story.

I Always Loved Photography   

I was born in the capital city of Bangladesh, in Dhaka. This is where I went to school, all the way to graduating management from Dhaka University. Bangladeshi is a traditional country that values education greatly. From the early age, my parents insisted that I should finishUniversity to be a good job holder or businessman.

At the same time, I always really loved photography. So, after getting my diploma, I told my parents that I don’t want to have a desk job.That I am not interested in becoming a businessman. I told them that I want to be a photographer. Only then, my parents allowed me to study photography. After a number of courses and workshops and even more practice, I have started my journey as a Freelance Documentary photographer. This was in the year 2000.

New York Manhattan Competition is a Prestigious Photo Contest

How did I hear about Photography Contest New York – Manhattan 2018? One of my friends told me about it. He suggested that I should submit my works to the Manhattan Competition. So far, I have won more than 50 National and International awards in photography. From Asia Pacific regional award from the Urban photographer of the year in the USA to SIENA international photography award, in Italy, and The Asahi Shimbun in Japan. My work was recognized by UNESCO in China, and by United Nations’  Photo Contest in Singapore. I have FIAP, PSA, GPU, IUP and others internationally recognized awards. All of that was a reason to apply for Photography Contest New York – Manhattan 2018.

I think that New York Manhattan Competition is a prestigious photo contest so I had to submit my work. My target was photojournalism category. Winning in this category would mean that finally, my dream would come true. I am really so much excited and happy, and I can’twait for the Award Ceremony on September 23, 2018. My plan is to come on time and to enjoy meeting colleagues and taking pictures of this beautiful city.

The Award is a Great Help in Developing Professional Carrier

It feels good to get the Special Award.  This is, of course, will be of great help for me in developing my professional carrier. At the same time, it will be good to get to know the city.

As a young artist, I was interested in landscape photography. Later, I have discovered that I really enjoy documentary photography. I am equally interested in small and in big things. I like daily life, as well as documenting human rights issues, and effects of climate change on the environment. At the same time, I also love art photography. I am always looking for places where life is hard. This makes some of the most beautiful photographs! I look for places where people fight to live, where they face problems and where they work hard. I am sure there will be plenty to photograph in New York City!

I Want to See the Best of New York

I am secretary general of Bangladesh photographic society and Liaison officer of The International Federation of photographic art FIAP for Bangladesh. Since some time now, the Bangladeshi photographers are doing very well. In Asia, Bangladesh is number one in photography. Many photographers say Bangladesh is the paradise of photography.

We have many exciting subject, mainly daily life, working people, festivals, transports, environment, climate change, and portraits. I feel happy whenever photographers contact me to come to Bangladesh. I take my colleagues to best photography places in my country. Now, I expect to see the best of New York. And to take some beautiful pictures.