Photography workshop Day and Night in Brooklyn

Exclusive preview of the upcoming photography workshop

Day and Night in Brooklyn:

Three Days of Learning the Best of Urban Personal Photography

How would you like to spend a whole day and a night by just taking and editing photos in the most magical place in the world? Or, to have full three days to focus on your favorite subjects, while learning photojournalism? Yusuke Suzuki, also known as USK, an award-winning indivisual photographer has some answers ready.  Learn more about the upcoming three-day workshop titled Day & Night in Brooklyn.

Yusuke Suzuki photography

Let’s start by describing the photography workshop. What could participants expect to get?

USK: First of all, you have to be excited by the city. Hopefully, you will be interested in Brooklyn. You would want to explore the ways of documenting it. The subject can be anything. It could be your neighbor, family members, maybe a dog, or even someone you encounter on the streets.  Each person has their story to tell. You will find the subjects, talk to them, build a relationship and photograph them to tell who they are. You will take photos during the day, and we will review them during the night. Then, you will go back to the field next day. You will make a photo story at the end of this workshop.


Who are the people that should apply for this workshop?      

USK: This workshop is for those who want to become documentary photographers or photo-journalists. It is open to the beginners as well as to photographers who want to sharpen these particular skills. There is no age limit as long as you are 18 or over.

Perhaps this is an obvious question, but why did you choose photo workshop in Brooklyn? Why not Manhattan?

USK: It has to do with an artistic sensibility.  The way I feel it, Brooklyn is very different from Manhattan regarding people’s lifestyle. Manhattan is like an icon of capitalism and materialism. But I kind of feel that Brooklyn is trying to resist it. People in Brooklyn love local production and their community. They look like they are trying to regain what we have lost in this fast-paced society. There are lots of exciting things happening around, so if you explore Brooklyn and talk to people, you’ll find interesting subjects.

Photography workshop

Could you be more specific regarding what will be people learn during Day and Night in Brooklyn Workshop?

USK: I hope that those who attend this workshop will learn how to build a photo story.  This is why it is essential to spend a couple of days with your subject. Also, students will learn how to edit photos and make a photo story from carefully selected photos.  We will use various methods including the group discussion.

You were born in Tokyo, Japan, and now you live mostly in Brooklyn.  How did your previous experience prepare you to be the instructor for this workshop?

USK: I’ve been photographing wars and refugees in countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, and Greece. I got an award at Berlin Photo Biennale two years ago, and I was awarded by Steve Mccurry. So, there is a combination of studying and experience. At the same time, I was a student at the Eddie Adams workshop back in 2012. I found that attending workshops is an excellentopportunity to improve your photographic skills and editing skills. Also, it’s a perfect place for networking.

What does Day and Night in Brooklyn Workshop mean to you?

USK: I myself am still learning photography. The learning never ends. A good workshop is a place to share knowledge and experience. I will teach you what I know from my experience, and you might also learn from your friends in this workshop. Also, I hope that you will find something new. Photography is not a job. It’s all about how you see the world and how you live. I’m looking forward to finding a new point of view through this workshop with you.

One of our instructors will be also Yousuf Tushar the winner of photography contest New York – Manhattan 2018 and an great photographer.