Photography Contest New York – Manhattan 2018 DON’T MISS THE EXHIBITION OF THE YEAR

“Everyone is welcome,” said Nikola Veljic, a young and successful partner in Art Bureau NY, describing this year’s competition for International Photography Contest New York – Manhattan, adding that this includes both professional photographers and people who like to take photos as a hobby. Similarly, photographs could be taken by professional cameras or on smartphones. “What is important,” said Veljic, “is that the photography is up to the standards and that it tells a story.” We should trust him.  After all, he is the chairman of this year’s competition.

Saeid Asgari (Iran) - Black look

The inaugural International Photography Contest New York – Manhattan exhibition took place last year, and it was a big a success. What are your expectations from photography contest New York – Manhattan 2018?

I am more than happy with the ways New York- Manhattan 2017 played out. There were entries from over 70 countries which makes our exhibition truly international. Some of the photos were of exceptional quality. They could have easily been displayed in the most famous galleries in the world. The judges last year really had a tough job, because of stunning photographs that we have received.  For this year, I expect that we will have an even higher number of quality photos, which of course means that the exhibition will be even better.

This year, New York – Manhattan 2018 is supported by some of the most prominent associations of photographers such as Photographic Society of America (PSA) and Federation Internationale De L’Art Photographique (FIAP). What does this mean for the people who enter the contestTeck Boon Lim (Singapore) - Partial Net in Water

Let me answer this question with a comparison. Soccer has its FIFA, for basketball it is FIBA and for us, photographers, it is PSA and FIP. As you probably know, it is not possible to get them as sponsors unless your organization is up to very high standards. Our primary goal is to advance International Photography Contest New York – Manhattan and to make it available for the best talent around the world. This is why the entering fee is very affordable, it is $20 only, and it covers competition in all six categories.

The photo contest New York – Manhattan is additionally supported by two other distinct associations, Master of Light (MOL) and International Association of Art Photographers (IAAP).

Both MOL and IAAP are important names, particularly in the world of photo competitions. Master of Light was founded in Canada, and it represents the labor of love of film photographers. Today, they are best known for promoting digital photographs. Receiving an award from MOL, PSA or FIAP at the international competition such as this one could bring you points relevant to your future work. IAAP was founded in Switzerland, and it is active all over the world, with the emphasis on the work in China, Europe, and Turkey. Today, they are known for organizing exhibitions as well as for its team of experts that provides support for international competitions according to the PSA and FIAP standards.

Awards are a big part of any competition. Could you tell us more about it? Also, how come that the round trip to NYC is the Special Award?

This year we will have six categories, and the awards are coming from PSA, FIAP, MOL, and IAAP. This means that in total we will give 133 medals, 30 Gold Medals, 24 Silver Medals, 24 Bronze Medals, 66 ribbons, and diplomas, as well as the FIAP blue badge for the best authors of Salon. In addition, NY1 Minute will provide the round trip airfare ticket for the best photograph.

The International Photo Contest New York – Manhattan has started out of our love for New York. We believe that people in the city deserve to see the best of the best when it comes to photos, and we also want to give the opportunity to photographers from all around the world for their work to be showcased in this great place. This is why we believe that, in a way, the opportunity to visit New York City and to see your work exhibited in this great metropolis is the ultimate award. Perhaps, otherwise, you would never come to New York City. Also, if you win, you will get the opportunity to take really great photos of this magnificent place. Coming to New York also means visiting some of the best galleries and museums in the world. For any additional information, please contact us at

What are the most important details when it comes to the selection process for the photo contest New York Manhattan 2018?

It goes without saying that for as at the Art Bureau, the credibility of selectors is essential. They are a diverse group of people with the highest international credentials. At least one of them has a high rank from FIAP and PSA. This means that all photo contests that we have organized so far are up to the highest international standards. The selection process has three rounds – in the first round, all judges will get to see and to assess all the photographs. In the second rounds, the judges will assign the points to each and every picture. In the third and final round, the judges will deliberate the awards. Sometimes, this means a lively debate in which photos get compared until the awards are assigned.  The judges have absolutely no knowledge about identities of the photographers, they will not know who has taken which picture, which means that the selection process is hundred percent fair.  The air tickets for the judges are purchased already, and you will see them in the photos from New York.

Finally, speaking about the judges, since our competition is growing, the plan for the next year is to have two more people on the panel. This could be a chance even for this year competitors to join us. Your experience is very welcomed.

What does the round trip to New York City Special Award entail?

First of all, the photo has to be overall very good. Then, the summary of the points has to be high. Finally, the picture has to be awarded at least one gold medal. Please send us the very best photo that you have, and hopefully, you will be our special guest in NYC.

What will happen if the winning photograph is submitted by someone who already lives in the city?

You are right. Since the judges don’t know anything about the authors of the photos, a New Yorker might get the Special Award. In that case, the winner will get a free ticket to one of the destinations where there will be a circuit next year.

Finally, there is more to the competition than the awards. What are some the benefits of having your photo submitted to the contest organized by Art Bureau?

Maybe I am biased towards the city where I live, but sometimes, even saying that you exhibit in New York, may boost your professional CV a little. Depending on how you fare, it may help you advance in PSA and FIAP. Also, this way your photos will get a free of charge review that may be important for your future work. For professional photographs getting one of the medals means affirmation of your work. Finally, you will get to exhibit in New York which means that potentially the whole world may see it.