Photo Contest New York Manhattan 2020 – Results

Dear Photography Friends,

What an intense year this has been. We are happy that you participated in one of the most popular photography contests worldwide. We are thankful to our fantastic jury team.  Because they did such an amazing job, we will invite the same jury team next year for Manhattan 2021. We finished judging for digital sections remotely.  All decisions have FIAP and PSA permission.

The judging for the prints was not possible until we had a final decision from the FIAP executive officer, Romain Nero. He gave us the green light to assemble a diverse and talented group of photographers that came together, in-person with masks and followed social distancing rules, etc to finish the print section of this massive exhibition. We appreciate their willingness to get together outside in the cold weather, to travel within the city, and to do such thoughtful judging.  NYC Exhibition is #newyorkstrong and we are so proud to call NYC our home base.  Feel free to check out the Print Sections results.  Each photo was deliberated and studied carefully in-person. We will keep you posted about the art gallery exhibition as well.

Hopefully, our world will be in a better place soon.  But for now, let us keep making art and sharing the images that we capture.  Let’s promote the important values of freedom, diversity, creativity, and togetherness…all the things that make New York City an amazing center for photography.

We look forward to a time when we can host celebrations, parties, workshops, in-person photo contests, and many more social and networking events.

Stay tuned for more and keep participating in this special community.

We continue to grow in numbers and in friendship.

NYC Exhibition and NYC Art Bureau are so happy to have you involved!



Thank you: President, International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) Riccardo Busi; President, Photographic Society of America Elena McTighe;    FIAP Service Director Romain Nero,  Joanne Stolte, Zoran Dordevic, Rowshan Akhter, Arnab Chakraborty, Okiki Bishop Jegedej, Alberto Jose Barreto Delgado, Nikola Veljic


Print Sections Sections – New York Manhattan 2020 Catalog

You are all invited to the 4th exhibition in New York – Brooklyn 2020.

It’s going to be a fantastic photography event.