Jury of International photography festival Brooklyn 2017

Here we want to present you people who decide which are the best photos from all the entrant’s photos.

Who are the jury members for Brooklyn 2017 photography festival?

They are one of the best in the world of photography, very well known worldwide:


Zoran Djordjevic

The president of jury Zoran Djordjevic, well known Serbian photographer. He graduated top of the class from the Press Photography Department of the Yugoslavian Institute of Journalism in Belgrade and then just continue his career in the Yugoslavian national news as a press photographer.
Zoran owns more than 80 international and national awards, including the prestige award from Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts with title Master of Photography. The excellence of FIAP, member of Cadre 36 Zagreb Croatia, member of The Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia, Djordjevic own the Diploma of Anastas Jovanovic and the Award for the best photography of Yugoslavia and Serbia. He wrote 3 books and he is a lawyer by profession.



Esther Piaskowskijury Brooklyn 2017

Esther Piaskowski is an Australian born, New York artist, living on Roosevelt Island. She graduated from Melbourne Teacher’s College in 1972, majoring in painting and philosophy when Pop Art was the rage in America. Piaskowski has traveled extensively and has lived in Japan, Germany and Israel before coming to the United States in 1985.
Esther had a solo show in Safed, Israel in 1976 and later became an Art Director of tourist and news magazines from 1979-1983. She has exhibited in Chelsea, NY and in May 2001, helped coordinate the “Art Frenzy” on Roosevelt Island, as part of the Art loop with MoMA, PS1 and the Noguchi museum in Long Island City.
Esther has been involved in the establishment of the Roosevelt Island Visual Artist Association and the opening of Gallery RIVAA in 2002 where she is vice-president. She has also assisted in establishing the Fall for the Arts Festival with the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation on Roosevelt Island which are held every year. Esther curates shows at Gallery RIVAA and at the Octagon Gallery.
She is a painter, photographer and installation artist. Her talent is in her ability to interpret and document the world around her in a diverse and original way through landscape, portraiture and the abstract. Her vibrant work, admired and owned by collectors around the world, is alive with color, light and movement.

Piaskowski was a finalist in the Four Freedoms Park Photo Competition in 2014 and a Grand Prize Winner of the Mitchell Park Photo Competition in DC in 2015.


yusuke-suzukiYusuke Suzuki

USK, also known as Yusuke Suzuki is award-winning New York based freelance photographer, originally born and raised in Chiba, Japan.
He studied the guitar when he was in Japan, but once he went to the Philippines on his summer break with his friends and witnessed the tragic situation of the lifestyle there, he started to reassess his own life.
In 2006, curiosity set off to Afghanistan to see what was going on that side of the world. During his first stay, he met photographers and journalists that ended up changing his life. As he witnessed their photographs, he was so staggered that he bought his first camera as soon as he returned from his trip. Later on, he would return to Afghanistan twice more to take more photographs. He realized that photography has the power to make change, so he decided to study Journalism more seriously, and to move to the United States. He made the change of switching what he holds in his hands from a guitar to a camera.

He graduated from the New England School of Photography in 2011. He is trying to find the world and himself through the lens… and of course still loves music.

His goal is to portrait the stories that should be told and should not be ignored by capture the moments and put subject’s emotion into a single frame that can stop the time.

His works have been published on TIME, CNN, The Washington Post, Reuters, Al Jazeera, Boston Globe, ZEKE Magazine, MIPJ , NHK(Japan), Internazionale(Italy), Haaretz(Israel), Toronto Sun(Canada), Estadao(Brazil), Rianovosti(Russia), Hindustan Times(India), Journalism(Japan), The Page(Japan),  Metro Boston, Tu Boston, Salem Radio Network News, and El Planeta.

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