Randy Carr

I have had an interest in photography for many years. I honed my interest while serving as a Scout Dog Handler in Viet Nam. The beautiful countryside was always one of my favorite shoots. Currently I am a ringside photographer hired by Boxing and MMA promoters to aide their advertising department. This position helps me get a close-up view of the action. I have also been shooting other extreme sports such as motorcycle races and International ice
climbing. My entries in Photojournalism sections of salons have help me achieve several medals and HM’s worldwide. I have earned the position of PSA Master Photojournalist and also through achievement in Salons I am recognized as a Grand Master PSA. I am a two time winner of the Smith Award recognizing Photojournalist of the Year. The PSA Who’s Who yearly ranking has awarded my First in the World in the World Photojournalism prints.
I am currently the PSA Chairman of Photojournalism and Exhibition Standards Director for the America’s. I have served in several PSA positions