Ioannis Lykouris

Ioannis Lykouris is born in Athens, Greece. He studied law at the University of Athens and accomplished his post-graduate studies in Civil and Commercial Law at the University of Paris II (Sorbonne), France. Today, he is working as a lawyer in Piraeus and he is the Deputy Legal Counselor of the Hellenic Post SA. He was keen on photography very early. At the age of 12 years, he signed up as a member of the Hellenic Photographic Society, thereby becoming its ever youngest member. Since 1993, he is a member of the Administrative Council of the Hellenic Photographic Society
and since 1997 the Greek Liaison Officer in the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP). In the year 2010, he became a member of the Directory Board of FIAP and one year later he assumed the responsibilities both of the Direction of the FIAP Biennial Service and of the
Vice Presidency of the Hellenic Photographic Society. Since 2012, he is elected as Secretary-General of FIAP. He often creates diaporamas, sometimes accompanied by his own music and likes landscape photography, portrait, and photojournalism. The last years he is working mainly on
nude photography, trying to give his models graphic shapes that go beyond body forms. He has traveled around the world and taken thousands of pictures from different places, especially from remote and difficult to reach areas, like Papua-New Guinea, Borneo, Tasmania, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tibet, Eritrea, Namibia, Libya, Bolivia, or the Galapagos Islands. His photographs have been published in many foreign magazines of artistic photography. In Greece, his work soon became of the great request and presented in most of the bigger magazines and newspapers. He has participated with success in many Biennials and in many group exhibitions abroad. He has also organized many personal exhibitions in Greece and other countries. His photographs repeatedly won many awards in Greek and international competitions, among
them many gold medals. He has participated many times as a jury member to international photographic contests in Greece and abroad.
In the year 2002, FIAP honored him with the distinction of AFIAP, which was followed
by the distinction EFIAP in 2009 and finally by the highest distinction MFIAP in 2014, for his
artistic inspiration and work. In the meantime (2007), FIAP granted him also the distinction of
ESFIAP followed by the HonEFIAP distinction (2012) as recognition to his contribution to FIAP
and Photography. In 2011 he was honored for his participation and involvement in photography
by Sille Sanat Sarayi in Konya (Turkey), as the best photographer of the world for that year.
Different photographic Associations or Federations conferred him as a mark of respect for his
services in Photography their Honorary Life Membership or Fellowship, among them the
Bangladesh Photographic Society (2013), the Foto Club Buenos Aires (2013), the Federation

Argentina de Fotografia (2013) the Federation of Indian Photography (2014), the PESGSPC
(2015), the Photographic Association of Dum Dum (2017) and the ICS International (USA)
(2018). In 2018 China Jinan International Photography Biennial awarded him as one of the top
ten international photographers from Europe, America and Asia. The same year he was
appointed as Guest Professor at the University of Shandong in China.