International Exhibition of Art Photography

International Exhibition of Art Photography organized by Art Bureau NYC and Lumière’s Beam Photo Agency. New York – Manhattan 2017.

Who can participate?

All photographers from all over the world are welcome. We are looking for the most talented photographers in the world and you are one of them. Just try to send the best photos that you have, taken by your professional camera or with the phone in the resolution that we need to accept your art.

Who will see my art photography?

The judging and art exhibition will be at the MC Gallery, just fifteen minutes walking distance from famous Time Square and we will organize exhibition open night and panel discussion at the gallery. During the judging, you could watch live on our NYC Exhibition Facebook and we could also have interactive communication. You are more than welcome to post the comments and likes. International exhibitions of Art Photography is for you and we are looking for your great work and for your suggestions as well. If you are in NYC I hope we will meet at the gallery.


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