LOVE 2017


LOVE 2017 results:

FIAP the best author:  Davoud Ameri (Iran)

Section: LOVE

FIAP Gold Medal: Michele Di Donato (Italy) My Life
PSA Gold Medal: Davoud Ameri (Iran) -Flower for flowers
MOL Gold Medal: OviDPop (Romania) – Kiss
CLUB Gold Medal: Joao Taborda – Portugal – The Portuguese Lovers
PSA Silver Medal: Marcin Michalowski (Belgium) – Intimacy
PSA Silver Medal: Pimpin Nagawan (Indonesia) Story Telling
FIAP Silver Medal: Keith Thorburn  (United Kingdom) Best Friends
FIAP Silver Medal: Oleg Konstantinov (Russia) – Pause
MOL Silver Medal: Veniero Rubboli (Italy) – Tenderness
MOL Silver Medal:  Efstratios Tsoulellis (Greece) – Just they save their life
Salon Silver Medal: Shin Woo Ryu (Korea)- Skating
Salon Silver Medal: XINXIN CHEN () – Endless Love
PSA Bronze Medal: Ali Samei (Iran) -My daughter
PSA Bronze Medal: Boettcher Dr. Michael (Germany) – It started with a kiss
PSA Bronze Medal: Yi Wan (China) – Kiss 2
MOL Bronze Medal: Amin Pasi Shirazi (Iran) – Fathers house
MOL Bronze Medal: Grzegorz Wojcik (Poland)-  In the mood Woodstock Festival Poland 2011
MOL Bronze Medal:  Siamak Jafari (Iran) – Love
SalonBronze Medal: Erik Holmgaard Denmark) – Kiss
SalonBronze Medal: Sepp Dieter Kohlwein (Austria) – California dreaming
SalonBronze Medal:
FIAP Bronze Medal: Igor Lander (Ukraine) – Tenderness
FIAP Bronze Medal: Cezary Kowalczuk (Poland)- Mirror
FIAP Bronze Medal: Roberto Biggio (Italy) – A1
FIAP Blue Ribbon:  Md. Nazmul Hasan Khan (Australia) – 2
FIAP Blue Ribbon: Salome-Charlotte Camors (France) – Hiden love
FIAP Blue Ribbon: Siew Thong Chu (Malaysia) – Happy Love
FIAP Blue Ribbon:  Sau Fong Neo (Malaysia) – My beloved
FIAP Blue Ribbon: Ahmad Khatiri IranOur alley for eternal love
FIAP Blue Ribbon: Siavosh Ejlali (Iran) Power of music
PSA Honorable Mention: Alessandro Ballini (Italy) – Love
PSA Honorable Mention: Shirl Airov-Bieling (USA)- Broadway_and_Times_Square_18_x_9_with_heart
PSA Honorable Mention: Jose Blanco (USA) Queen of the day
PSA Honorable Mention: TARAKNATH DEY (Canada) – Love
PSA Honorable Mention: Helen Rushton (Australia) – M & M

PSA Honorable Mention: Hasan Khalil Hasankhali (Iran) – Love on the beach


Salon Red Ribbon: Roberto Gomes (Brazil) – MONTANHAS DO RIO

 Salon Red Ribbon: –Rossi Fang (Taiwan) -A warm one meal
Salon Red Ribbon: Thigh Wanna (Singapore) -The love forever
Salon Red Ribbon: Holger Buecker (Germany) – Forever in Love
Salon Red Ribbon:  Ali Hanaee  (Iran) Bulbul
Salon Red Ribbon: Seyed Omid Alavi (Iran) I want to go back to childhood
MOL Diploma:  Peter Elliston (UK) – Learning
MOL Diploma: Francoise Morio (France) – premier jour
MOL Diploma: HANAN HASSAN AL-KHALIFA (Bahrain) – Family Business
MOL Diploma: Michaela Ertelt (Germany) – Save
MOL Diploma: Quartier Sillègue (France) – FAUCONNIER
MOL Diploma: Claudio Bonaccorsi (Italia) – Giochi pomeridiani


Arrived works: 213

Accepted works: 64

-acceptance rate: 30%


Arrived participants: 57

Accepted participants:

-acceptance rate:

Thank you for your participation. If you are getting married in NYC you will have 10% discount for all of our services. Looking forward to see you in New York, NY1 Minute Team.

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